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Why Objects in the Mirror Appear Closer Than They Are

What I learned about me from writing 1 article a week for 30 weeks: habits compound, ditch perfection, start it, choose people over money

(1) Habits work for me

Everything that James Clear told me in his fantastic book “Atomic Habits” is true. I can only become a writer if my mindset is locked on becoming one. For the habit to work, my goal needs to be a moving stick, an aspiration that I can continuously and relentlessly work for.

(2) I don’t chase perfection

My favorite marketing slogan is “Just Do It”. That’s what I said to myself on that rainy day in April. I am not a great writer, yet. I don’t want to be a perfect writer, I want to be a marketing writer. I will learn along the way, I will trust compounding and I started shipping my work. I didn’t wait for the perfect idea, the perfect paragraph, or the perfect headline. I just wrote. Every week.

(3) I can re-write my articles

As long as I don’t focus on the “news of the day”, the topics I explore in my blog are key themes I observe repeating on a regular basis. A great example of that is an article I wrote in May about my lack of trust in people surveys. This became highly relevant during the election month, and I actually received more views from my growing audience, after polishing the initial message a bit. I now understand the power of editing and the outcome is read-worthy here.

(4) I became more curious

Another big benefit of writing weekly, habitually, on a different generic topic is that fact I now cover a wider range of topics. And I became a more curious person in the process. I made an early list of topics, I started drafting articles, and I progress them every week one by one. How I select the article I want to progress to the finish point? I pick one that makes me curious to learn more that day. Like for example the week I wanted to know more about Live Streaming Shopping on Social media and I wrote this.

(5) People > Money

I don’t expect to earn my salary on Medium. By far, the biggest benefit of writing 30 days about the topics I am curious about was the people I met, the connections I built, and the future projects we will collaborate on.

  • My LinkedIn network grew in 7 months from 1200 to 2200 connections.
  • During a single week in November, I spoke at 3 marketing conferences.
  • I received thousands of media impressions after being featured in publications like The Drum, Digiday, and WARC.



Once upon a time, a curious engineer became a marketer, with a big passion to understand how people think and act.

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Sorin Patilinet

Once upon a time, a curious engineer became a marketer, with a big passion to understand how people think and act.