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What I learned about me from writing 1 article a week for 30 weeks: habits compound, ditch perfection, start it, choose people over money

A couple of weeks after my daughter was born, living in lockdown in one of the most impacted countries in the world (Belgium), while juggling with a full-time global marketing role, I discovered my passion for writing. Inspired by Seth Godin, I took a personal oath to start writing weekly a marketing blog, to project myself as a marketing author, and reach 10.000 distinct people in a single year. It’s now time to look back into the rear-view mirror and learn what I learned.

Facts first: 32 weeks later, I never missed a single week, I am closing in on…

It magically links two viewpoints into our digital world that no big Silicon Valley company managed to solve for social and shopping

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The fantastic growth rate of e-commerce during 2020 is a signal that change will arrive faster than expected to our beloved industries. Whether we like it or not, the retail transformation is irreversible and permanent. But while we are adapting to this new normal, what can the future of e-commerce surprise us with?

In my view, the future belongs to social live-streaming shopping.

Precisely when the first millennials arrived on earth, at the start of the 80s decade, HSN (Home Shopping Network) started to innovate on cable TV. Founded by a former DJ who started selling can openers on live…

The fantastic book Atomic Habits” by James Clear changed my life! I still remember the dreamlike beach of Ko Poda in Krabi, Thailand, where I dived into it.. The book’s key insight was no novelty to me, but James’s storytelling somehow convinced me to try the following. To build a habit, you need to do something for 30 days straight, and then it becomes a part of you. What habits can you build as a marketer to be a better version of yourself?

Here are three ideas:

  • Read a (different) opinion about your area of expertise — I know; we…

We love millennials! Millennials are different; they are sharp, open-minded, techy, digital, and the perfect fit for our brand, whatever brand we might own. In digital apps, books, consumer package goods, or alcoholic drinks, millennials are the magic solution to our marketing segmentation. Is this the myth of the last decade in Marketing? One that we fell so quickly into its trap. Because if you work in Marketing, there is a high chance that you are a millennial. Just remember, you are not the consumer.

The next two simple graphs should create an A-HA moment and convince you that the…

Think consumer first, technology second.

Do you feel that Data-Driven Marketing has become a super complex field? It is approaching the complexity scale of derivatives trading or quantum computing? Today, more than ever, there is a strong need in the industry to simplify the complex. Doing that while bombarded by offers to “improve” from Blockchain, DCO, 1PD, AR, MTA, VR, and many more isn’t easy.

Ideas first, data marketing tech second

I think marketing is about solving for a consumer pain point and not about the tech opportunity. Yes, data-driven marketing is cool, it is the future and we should embrace it. At the end of…

Marketers grow tired of advertising before consumers do so

I found little empirical evidence that advertising wearout exists for successful executions. Great content has a longer shelf life than you might think. We marketers often want to move on to the next campaign out of personal boredom, not real consumer insight.

Think twice!

I recently encountered what real writers call “writer’s block” — a condition in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. To keep this blog alive, I’ve reshared one of my earlier articles about the power of looking beyond Return on…

Personal consumer data has recently become the most wanted currency in Marketing to exchange present and future value between consumers and brands. The significant promise of data is to upgrade our messages to more relevant ones. I buy that! And on top of that, I am a firm believer in the power of data to save us from our marketing demons: the skip button, the ad-blocker plugin, or the X — close ad-button. Let’s dissect a bit the two data perspectives: consumer and brand.

It is not crystal clear what we are getting in return for our data on the…

Every start of a new year is a perfect moment to refresh your goals and clarify the initiatives you will spend energy on. But too often, we use it as another moment to pile up more on our list of things to achieve. Don’t forget to say no; the most important idea in the strategy book is the ability to say “no” to lesser value stuff. And the book is the famous “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt.

In marketing, saying yes to launching another product variant, one which doesn’t bring significant incremental penetration, is often just stealing your…

How to make your brand bigger without making your logo bigger. A common-sense approach to branding.

I came across this video by chance and I adore it, and if you are in marketing you probably will find it relatable too. “Make the logo bigger” presumably performs highest in any chart of most heard sentences in communication agency feedback sessions. I am guilty of using it several times during my career, but there is an element of truth, as always, with a marketing meme. …

Ogilvy on Advertising, Everybody Lies and Presentation Zen are my top 3 go to books for marketers

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” — Groucho Marx

During my early childhood years, I was a minimalist devotee TV viewer. Back in the days, in communist Romania, you could access only two stations with an average of 2 hours of boring TV every day. So, despite my love for TV, I can say I’ve grown up without too many options, and books became a needed escape…

Sorin Patilinet

Once upon a time, a curious engineer became a marketer, with a big passion to understand how people think and act.

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